Woolacombe and Mortehoe

A collection of pictures from around Woolacombe and Mortehoe, this is the location where I go to take pictures the majority of the time and the area I know best.  

One of the amazing wonders about this location is that the sun sets to the left of Lundy Island when viewed from Woolacombe during the Autumn\Winter months (after Autumn equinox) and to the right during the Spring\Summer months (after the Spring equinox).  

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White Gold - Woolacombe Beach Huts

June 2020 - A picture that was partly possible through the circumstances this year. It was taken just after a period of lockdown had ended and the beach huts had been put in place The ropes to prevent clambering up the dunes behind the huts were not in place, so I took the opportunity to get a unique view showing the white rear-ends of the huts a with beautiful sunset casting a golden light onto the beach.