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Thank you for visiting my website and looking at my collection of pictures which have been many years in the making. I really hope you enjoy them and they remind you of this special part of the world at its best.

I started visiting this wonderful corner of North Devon a number of years ago and found myself incredibly inspired by the landscape.


After initially taking pictures with my phone, I decided to invest in a Nikon DSLR camera that I hoped would help me capture the beauty of the landscape in more detail. My developing photography skills coupled with my love of exploring mean that I have got to know many of the wonderful features and characteristics of the area.  


I love to take pictures of the sun setting and in the north of Devon, there are many locations that face a westerly direction, therefore if the sun is out, you’re guaranteed the best view and for free!


I have got to know and understand many of the seasonal variations over the years including the plants, tides and colours. Using my imagination and knowledge of the area is invaluable in understanding where and when to go to capture the most beautiful images.


The other thing I must take into consideration is whether I can take my little dog Ollie with me. He often makes a perfect little subject and loves the experience of being out and about around the North Devon landscape. He loves to run about, but also to sit and gaze into the sunset or at other dogs or sheep, from a perch where he feels on top of the world. My logo with my initials is a tribute to my previous dog Poppy because I would not have discovered a passion for photography without exploring with her by my side. She loved all the things that Ollie does and really got me going with exploring.


When out and about, I always have to take my camera with me, you just never know when the conditions and light might change and I always need to be ready to capture a beautiful image. Taking different lenses offers alternative perspectives that cannot be seen 

naturally with the human eye and I find it can add a lot of extra interest into landscape pictures.  


All of the photos in this collection are produced from very high resolution cameras and it is therefore possible to reproduce these in very large format prints and displays. A great way for you to have a window into your own special view all year round. I also offer photography walks in the area and would be delighted if you could join me one day so I can show you around!  


My contact details are here, so get in touch, share some of your own pictures, I’d love to see them and hear from you :-)   

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