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MCJ PhotoArt @ Watersmeet Hotel

I am proud to be able to display this stunning piece at the Watersmeet Hotel in the reception area.  Here's some detail on the picture and how it came about.

The Story

This picture was taken on the Sunday evening of a very busy August Bank Holiday weekend.  It was taken from a high point on Baggy Point over 2.5 miles away!  There’s one obvious edit made to complete this image if you know the history of the village. Can you work it out?     


It had been in my mind for a while to try and take a picture like this during a busy evening when most of the buildings were occupied and there was a lot of traffic around, creating the fascinating and detailed summer lights of the village. 

I love detail in pictures, ones that are interesting and you can go back to many times and see something different.

Summer Lights London Frame.PNG

The Production

The picture at the Watersmeet Hotel was made by a company called Whitewall who make gallery standard productions.

The image itself is Ultra High Definition and printed on Fuji Crystal Pearl paper which gives it a pearlescent shimmer and intensifies the radiance of the colours and highlights contrasts.  It is classed as a Metallic print.

The print is mounted behind 2mm thick acrylic for protection and on top of Aluminium Dibond, so it is relatively light to hang.

The frame chosen is called a "London" frame which give it an almost rustic surround.  It has a silver trim to complement the colours within the picture itself.   This was specifically chosen to suit the surroundings of the hotel.  

Summer Lights Detail.png

The Price and Other Options

There are number of options available to purchase a replica of this picture.  These range from smaller version which can be purchased through my website here, or contact me for larger versions with different frame styles.  All prints are made by Whitewall on their metallic Fuji Crystal Pearl paper.

The price for an exact replica of the picture on display at the hotel would be £1945 (includes delivery).

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