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Poppy in Front of Poppy Beach Hut

As well as being the most amazing little dog, Poppy was my photography dream, always putting herself in the way and in the most amazing positions in front of the camera.  In many ways she taught me how to get the best picture possible as I was always trying to angle the camera to get her with the view and sometimes a wonderful North Devon sunset.  

Very sadly, we lost Poppy in January 2020.  She was only 9 years old and is very much missed.  I hope you enjoy looking through some of these great pictures showing Poppy at her best enjoying sea views and wonderful coastal walkies!

In May of 2018, a Beach Huts was named after Poppy.  Her hut has a red plaque which is different from all the others and red was her colour!  We thanks Parkin Estates for this amazing gesture and we'll always be very proud of this.

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