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Wood Framed Triple Mounted Picture - Golden and Red Woolacombe
  • Wood Framed Triple Mounted Picture - Golden and Red Woolacombe


    A set of three pictures from around Woolacombe in a White Frame.  


    Sunset from Black Cloud Hill


    January 2020 - Black Cloud Hill is behind Woolacombe village and is a less explored part. As most hills in the area, it has amazing views. This one was perfect when the sun was decending over Baggy Point and casting the last light of this winters day over the beach, village and hills. I loved how the sun was catching the tops of the grassy dunes behind the beach and managed to get another lovely closeup picture of this.


    Red Barn Sunset


    December 2019 - Taken during Christmas week when the sun is pretty much furthest around and sets over Baggy Point. I particuarly loved how the light from the sun in the distance casts itself onto the Red Barn sign and the door. The scene and the Open sign is inviting you in for a drink and some fun! So, when you look at this picture, I’d like you to imagine walking in for your favourite drink to enjoy this view.


    Golden Fence


    April 2019 - This fence is only here during the spring and summer periods to protect the dunes. On this occassion as I walked down the main dune path onto the beach, it was lit in this beautiful golden colour. The fence was complimented by the golden glow and is shown here leading towards the village in the distance. The fence also cast beautiful pattered shadows into the sand behind.

    • Framed Triple Mounted Picture

      • Each individual picture is printed on high quality photo pearl paper and has a high resolution finish.

      • The full size of the mount is 400x500mm.  The external size of the frame is larger.

      • Each apperture is 285x125mm.

      • The colour options for the mounts is either off-white or black. Both are slightly textured.

      • On the reverse of all mounts is a description of each picture including where and when they were taken.  These match the descriptions on this website.

      • All mounts come signed with initials and place name written in pencil.

    • Refund Policy

      If you are not completely happy with your picture for whatever reason I will be pleased to offer a refund.

    • Shipping

      Shipping will by parcel delivery service, delivery should be expected within 5 working days.

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