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Triple Mounted Picture - Mortehoe 1
  • Triple Mounted Picture - Mortehoe 1


    A set of three pictures from around Mortehoe.  


    Spring Gorse over Rockham Beach


    April 2017 - The Gorse in springtime is a wonderful coastal feature in this area. Its yellow flowers can be extremely bright and when concentrated in one location can look really striking. Here is a beautiful example above Rockham beach. A glimpse of the beach can be seen in the middle of the picture. The coast path can also be seen winding its way over the rocks and towards Morte Point in the distance.


    Mortehoe Dusk


    August 2016 - During the summer months, the sun will set over Morte Point when observing from the Woolacombe direction. On this day, the sun had set a few minutes before and the sky turned a beautiful red\pink. With a long exposure on the camera, the light trails of the cars going in opposite directions along the road match the colours in the sky perfectly.


    Sunset over Morte Point


    April 2017 - During the summer months, the sun sets over the tip of Morte Point when viewed from the Woolacombe direction. One of its many paths can be seen leading down towards a gate and the sheep in the distance. The yellow of the Gorse beautifully compliments the setting sun next to the Island of Lundy and the path leads you invitingly towards the orange glow.

    Mount Colour
    • Triple Mounted Picture

      • Each individual picture is printed on high quality photo pearl paper and has a high resolution finish.  

      • The full size of the mount is 400x500mm.

      • Each apperture is 285x125mm.

      • The colour options for the mounts is either off-white or black. Both are slightly textured.

      • All are shipped with a backing board and in a cellophane bag.

      • On the reverse of all mounts is a description of each picture including where and when they were taken.  These match the descriptions on this website.

      • 500x400mm is a standard frame size that can be purchased at many places.

      • All mounts come signed with initials and place name written in pencil.

    • Refund Policy

      If you are not completely happy with your picture for whatever reason I will be pleased to offer a refund.

    • Shipping

      Shipping will by parcel delivery service, delivery should be expected within 5 working days.

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