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'Parcel' of Oystercatchers - Saunton

'Parcel' of Oystercatchers - Saunton


November 2019 - Sometimes I take my camera out without much hope of getting a stunning image that I love to capture. This was one of those dull autumn days on a walk along Saunton, trying to get to Crow Point. Suddenly I looked up and saw a massive group of birds.


As I got closer, I was surprised to see that it was hundreds of Oystercatchers flying around similar to a Starling murmuration. I was so pleased to have my camera and a decent zoom!

This image is immensely sharp and show off the amazing detail of so many Oystercatchers in flight at the same some.  It is mounted behind glass and surrounded by a black coloured textured wood frame.


The print itself is 760x300mm.



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