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Black Edition - Triple Mounted Picture - Woolacombe Beaches
  • Black Edition - Triple Mounted Picture - Woolacombe Beaches


    A set of three pictures from around Woolacombe.  


    Good Morning from Barricane Beach


    June 2012 - Pictured on a glorious morning, a popular destination for many unique reasons. The most notable are the unusually Shelly makup of the beach where others around are all sand and the shelter it offers especially on a windy day. Of course most noteworthy for many is the Sri Lankan curry that is provided from the hut, where you can also see the menu here to choose your next order!


    Sunset from Woolacombe Beach huts


    May 2017 - The huts are on the beach between May and September. They are removed each year to protect them from the strong winds and high tides at other times of the year. This picture was taken in late spring when the sun sets towards Morte Point. The sun cast a golden light which reflected beautifully from the white frames of the huts and from the sand. The first yellow hut was ‘Rachel’.


    Woolacombe from Mill Rock


    April 2019 - Mill Rock on Woolacombe beach is a popular spot to spend some time and can provide a bit of shelter from the sun or wind. On this day, the rocks were lit up beautifully by the sun. I love patterns in photography, if you look closely, you will see wavy wind patterns on the dry sand in the foreground. All is complemented by the beautiful blue sky on this wonderful spring day.

    • Triple Mounted Picture

      • Each individual picture is printed on high quality photo pearl paper and has a high resolution finish.

      • The full size of the mount is 400x500mm.  The external size of the frame is larger.

      • Each apperture is 285x125mm.

      • The colour options for the mounts is either off-white or black. Both are slightly textured.

      • On the reverse of all mounts is a description of each picture including where and when they were taken.  These match the descriptions on this website.

      • All mounts come signed with initials and place name written in pencil.

    • Refund Policy

      If you are not completely happy with your picture for whatever reason I will be pleased to offer a refund.

    • Shipping

      Shipping will by parcel delivery service, delivery should be expected within 5 working days.

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