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Woolacombe Dunes Mushroom

Woolacombe Dunes Mushroom


June 2016 - If you very look closely, it is amazing what you’ll find in the dunes around Woolacombe. Around August time for example, you may spot a mushroom! This one was a particularly large and photogenic mushroom enjoying the sunshine by the sea and casting an amazing lollipop shadow in the sand. The majesty of the mushroom amongst the chaotic dune grass made a really appealing picture.

  • Greetings Cards

    • Greetings cards are printed on high quality photo pearl paper and have a high resolution finish.  

    • They are size DL which is approx. 105x210mm. 

    • All come with envelopes and in a cellophane bag.

    • On the reverse of all cards is a description of the picture including where and when it was taken, which matches the description on this website.

    • All are blank inside.

    • Images on cards will be cropped top and bottom slightly from those shown.

    • Use code GC5FOR4 to get 5 cards for the price of 4!

  • Refund Policy

    If you are not completely happy with your picture for whatever reason I will be pleased to offer a refund.

  • Shipping

    Shipping will be by Royal Mail 1st Class postage.

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