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Summer Lights - Woolacombe

Summer Lights - Woolacombe


August 2020 - This picture was taken on the Sunday evening of a very busy August Bank Holiday weekend.  It was taken from a high point on Baggy Point over 2.5 miles away!  There’s one obvious edit made to complete this image if you know the history of the village. Can you work it out?    


It had been in my mind for a while to try and take a picture like this during a busy evening when most of the buildings were occupied and there was a lot of traffic around, creating the fascinating and detailed summer lights of the village. 


Equipped with my zoom lens, I waited until after the sun had set and the lights started to illuminate the village.  These were taken with a very slow shutter speed of about 20 to 30 seconds which made the wonderful car light trails.

This image is immensely sharp and show off the amazing detail of this beautiful place at dusk.  It is mounted behind glass and surrounded by a black coloured textured wood frame.


The print itself is 760x300mm and is now only offered as a Whitewall produced print on photometallic paper enabling the highlights to really stand out and glow.  It has to be seem to be believed!  The print is professionally dry-mounted, then finally mounted in a black or grey wood frame behind glass.


For more information about the print, please visit the Whitewall website here.




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