North Devon

After I moved to North Devon in July of 2018, I started to explore more. This is a collection of pictures from all around this region including Exmoor, Lynton, Lynmouth and the Heddon Valley, also Ilfracombe and Saunton Sands.


Often these pictures are taken whilst on walks when I see amazing weather or views develop in front of me as I wander along with my dog. Other times, I'll head out at a specific time with a certain picture in mind, but that rarely goes to plan!

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Watersmeet Robin

October 2018 - Everyone who knows Watersmeet knows the birds that gather around the tables, on the fences and posts. Usually it’s Blue Tits, Great Tits, Chaffinches, Nuthatches and of course Robins. It’s a great highlight of a visit to try and capture a picture of a bird close up. This particular Robin seemed happy to pose for pictures on the fence for a long time and seemed to want to show off its best red side!