North Devon

After I moved to North Devon in July of 2018, I started to explore more. This is a collection of pictures from all around this region including Exmoor, Lynton, Lynmouth and the Heddon Valley, also Ilfracombe and Saunton Sands.


Often these pictures are taken whilst on walks when I see amazing weather or views develop in front of me as I wander along with my dog. Other times, I'll head out at a specific time with a certain picture in mind, but that rarely goes to plan!

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Summer Sunset from Highveer Point

June 2018 - There’s two paths that lead from the Heddon Valley towards Woody Bay. This was on the higher path, looking over the valley to the opposite peak and across the Channel to the setting sun. It was during the very hot period in the summer of 2018, on the same day as the picture Coastline View to Foreland Point. A ship can be seen sailing towards the sunset and Atlantic Ocean.